Cate Downey Releases The Charmingly Exuberant ‘Boulder’

Hailing from The Mile High City, Cate Downey is an artist you must have on your radar right now. Her new single “Boulder” is a sonic triumph, a grippingly simplistic homage to indie pop; drawing comparisons to industry powerhouses Sigrid and Billie Eilish.

Studying at Lillehammer Institute of Music Production, 18 year old singer-songwriter Downey has over the years written, in her own words, “hundreds of songs”. She goes on to say that “writing a song is like putting together a puzzle”, and in ‘Boulder’, my word has she found the missing piece. The song opens to a creamy and textured vocal chop, continuously rising and falling in a rhythmic flow; providing room for Downey’s ethereally delicate vocals to dance in the limelight. The verse envelopes into a spiritedly catchy chorus, where compressed hi hat triplets are met with a cacophony of harmonised vocals in a processed pot of precision.

I think what gives this song its gleaming allure is the way it carries an absence of complication, where each phrase is perfectly cadenced and every instrumental decision entirely justified and not overdone. The combination of using lo-fi production choices and a vivacious vocal delivery makes for something altogether unique and extremely exciting from a young artist with a very bright future.

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