RedRum Releases Energetic New Single ‘Togeva’

Inspired by the likes of The Skints, Bob Marley, Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse, RedRum’s latest single is a powerful balance of political reggae and spooky pop.

Combining two different styles of music is a well traversed technique that many artists adopt, however in this instance the two genres are niche enough to create a sound that is altogether unique and progressive. The song carries with it a charming honesty, from the sincerity in the lyricism to the energetic yet alluring vocal delivery: you can feel every word.

Opening with airy, cavernous vocals, set against the backdrop of heavy guitars and booming cadenced drums, the bass carries the rhythm on the offbeat; a technique typically heard in reggae music. Though her influences can be noted throughout, there is a strong sense of artistic originality, with the mix leaning on the electronic in places; drawing comparisons to the likes of Gentlemens Dub Club.

The song itself relates to the reality of struggling in your own head because of the chaos that exists around you, a sentiment the singer knows all too well for an artist who grew up on a south London estate. Following on from this release, the singer-songwriter plans to release an accompanying music video featuring a host of like-minded creatives; exciting times ahead.

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