NANA Unveils New Single ‘The Weight’

Revealing that it was her hardest song to write yet, soothing notes of R&B and Soul collide together in what is her beautifully captivating second release of 2020.

Following on from her stunning single ‘W Hotel’, London-based NANA has well and truly showcased her songwriting talent in her new single ‘The Weight’. The instrumental plays out in almost John Mayer-esque style, taking a step back as the vocals sit centre stage, leaving room for the delicately sentimental vocals to capture the true inflection in the lyrics.

Speaking about the writing process, the singer stated that “It was healing to write about such a difficult experience, but that’s what music is for right? And I hope that anyone listening to it who connects to that feeling of catharsis knows I’m with them: it’s a reminder to allow yourself to feel hurt for a moment without self-judgement”.

The inflection of every letter can be felt from the very start, no more so than in the chorus, where the words “I’m still shedding the weight of those who came before” resonate elegantly against the straight and crisp rhythm of the drums. Sonically the track is very simplistic, which can be a very difficult soundscape to get right, and yet the finished master has been engineered with a richness and warmth that allows for the guitar, bass and piano to slot effortlessly into an extremely well organised and orchestrated mix.

In the darkness of the current situation, we can find a true omnipresent light in the arts with this single as a shining example. It acts as an invitation for listeners to feel connected with the singer herself, and a time where self-isolation is testing the resolve of many, this acts as a deserved respite; even if it is just 4 and a half minutes.

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