Dunebug Delivers Another Dose Of Yearning In ‘Summer In Love’

Manchester-born, now London based Dunebug (Chi Limpiroj) has hit us with another great dream-pop statement, delivering a moody and enchanting latest offering in a stylistic yet simplistic way. “Summer In Love” is longing in technicolour, a song that calls out to an audience who, I’m sure it would be fair to say, right now, are also “dreaming about you, the time without you”.

As the drums hit, Chi counts in an almost surfrock-esque conversation between two tranquil guitars, the lyricism carrying a sentimental sting in its delivery; leaving us with a sense of better things to come, a grandiose talent in the current climate. Not one to shy away from talking about feelings, we are told of a summer romance that never quite makes it into fruition, but it seems we take something from the journey.

Citing such influences as Fat White Family and interestingly, new ‘supergroup’ Warmduscher, the raw emotion of these two artists definitely shine on in this Dunebug offering. You can hear the likes of Phoebe Bridgers and Slow Club trickle through the sultry nature of this song too.

We’re all looking forward to where Chi takes us next, as it offers something to anyone feeling a bit disconnected with their surroundings: Dunebug’s got you covered.

(Dunebug were due to play in London at the end of March, but in light of recent events, we will be letting you know when the (hopefully) rescheduled show is)

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