Goodnight Goodbye Release Nostalgic New Single ‘Dad Dancing’

Coming out of London Town, Brothers Joe and Sam Woollard describe their sound as being reminiscent of the 70’s and yet “unrestrained by genre or sonic borders”. Teaming up with co-producer Dave Wilcox, their latest single ‘Dad Dancing’ comes at us in a testing time, but paints the picture of a night out on the town, an image I’m sure we’re all yearning for at the moment.

The song begins with “All eyes on me”, straight away pulling our focus onto the phonic dancefloor that unravels in the intro. The doubled vocals and clever use of percussion, drives the song onward through this virtual club as the brotherly duo “steal the room” with what we can only assume to be some epic dance moves. An inspiriting depiction of that perfect moment between not enough booze and too much booze, the moment that has your confidence up and your guard down. Drawing to the end, an appeasing, almost country sounding guitar solo gently tickles you into a taxi home, but not before you take a final strut across the dancefloor as the chorus hits you one last time.

This latest release gives nods to The Japanese House and The 1975, capturing some extremely special and refined moments of production, pushing the sound towards the realms Dirty Hit’s No Rome and Flor. We’re excited to see where they go from here, with every release marking a development in their sound, so for anyone looking to host a virtual pub in these quarantine times: Goodnight Goodbye are going to be here for you every step of the way…..

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