Glass Cristina Release Video For Infectious New Single “King Of Nowhere”

Hailing from Mexico City, Glass Cristina have released their latest single “Kings Of Nowhere”, the 6th single in the trio’s run up to their debut album “Nudity”.

This video is made up of two different styles of filming; one set of shots in full colour telling the tale of the three characters’ chase for their crown, while the other set of shots are done in black and white as our protagonists are filmed up-close serenading their story.

An enigmatic video ensues, making use of the masked characters that have become synonymous with the video content they produce. The song itself calls to it’s influences of Jungle and Maribou State with its catchy synth lines and well spaced vocal harmonies. The use of a running water sample in the song helps to translate the wild nature of the video, until the chorus hits and the water is replaced with an infectious drum beat that drives the song forward.

There are great moments of subtly choreographed dance moves, that fit effortlessly into what is a very simple video idea, when delivered with the level of skill and confidence as we see here, it is hard not to find yourself dancing along.

Filmed entirely in the shadow of a Mayan temple, this single with its accompanying video is yet another reason why we need to be keeping our eyes on this originative band in the middle of a considerable evolution of image. Released with the music video is a live performance of the “nu-soul electro trio” playing Kings Of Nowhere with the backdrop of their music video. Both are well worth checking out.

We now wait patiently for “Nudity” to be released, an album that “is the result of profound self-discovery through incessant work and composition for the band”

For anyone who is struggling to get their head out of the darkness, Glass Cristina are there to get you moving.

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