Raquel Lily Drops Defiant New Track ‘I’m Leaving’

Born in the Philippines, raised in New York and currently residing in Atlanta; Raquel Lily sums up her newest single;“ An honest and reliable track for anyone who’s ever walked away from a toxic relationship”A song with a confident vocal delivery that could have been drawn from her strong presence on video streaming service ‘Twitch’.

The song pays homage to the likes of Whitney Houston and takes influence from her love of Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. The single has the classic RnB hook in the chorus that makes it a great listen, coupled with a great structure throughout and a really well produced arrangement for the band, this song is one that sits in the cross-section of ballad and contemporary with great ease.

“I’m Leaving” is the first to come from a concept album of the same name; an album about coming of age through the most tumultuous time of a young persons life, Raquel quotes “Everyone’s been broken from something” a statement that is amplified into very real context with this single. A song that speaks so much from the heart, you can feel the secondary motion of confusion and nostalgia residing inside the simplicity that makes up a very strong start to an exciting release. For anyone who stares out of their window on a Sunday morning wondering where the day is going to go. Raquel Lily is there.

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