Color Collage Release New Single ‘What A Time To Be Alive’

Six-piece Color Collage have well and truly found the perfect sound in their latest single What A Time To Be Alive, a socially conscious anthem delivered in a shiny indie pop package that will get stuck in your head after one play. 

The song opens with layers of dreamy vocal harmonies drifting to the background of the mix, as the rolling rhythm in the amen break drives the tracks festive and gracious tone, leaving room for frontman Shane Conerty’s signature satirical and earnest lyricism. 

Painting the picture of a man ruminating about his life, the spirit and emotion in the words start out in with a melancholic culpability, our narrator confessing in worry that their decisions may mean they “just might die alone”. As the song progresses to a joyfully climactic end, Conerty combines themes of veracity and hope, our protagonist coming to the realisation that his existence has been vindicated, emphasised further by the ironic hook “what a time to be alive, what time to die”.

Though many artists have respectively gone down the route of utilising the innovative resources on offer in the recording studio, others have decided to marry vintage and modern sounds together in what is now a well traversed production style: one that Color Collage have well and truly smashed.

Originally a solo project called Now You See Them, the unique foundations of the band started when Conerty relocated back to Brooklyn after putting the side project on a hiatus, initially recording old mp3’s and remixing them into original compositions. After two well received mixtapes, the challenge of combining the granular and dusty tones of NYST with the more mid-fi and electronic sound of Color collage has led to this wonderful latest release; one that I myself will be whistling wherever I go.  

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