As a relatively new artist who’s music is coated in sincerity, what initially drew you to the music industry and made you want to promote your music to the world?

Well, I’ve been interested in music from a young age, though it may seem late to some, from the age of 6 is when I really started singing and discovered that maybe I could actually do something with it. I never really shared my singing with other people and many people didn’t know it was a passion of mine, but they knew that I was a creative person. I guess that wanting to be a singer was a ‘dumb’ aspiration and I mostly kept it to myself and a few friends. Although I was almost scared (I sort of still am) to tell people what I wanted to be, I’d like to say that I’m quite the researcher, so from around 10/11 I started looking into the music industry. From music deals, to looking for singing teachers and googling the school which I’ve ended up going to 4 years later, it was really just about learning.

Wanting to promoting my music to the world was a gradual process. I could hardly sing in front of people, so sharing the material I was soon to make with the world would have been a crazy idea a few years ago! At 8 years old I wrote my first song, after being inspired by a friends own song, and to this day I’m still proud of it. I realised how much I love writing and write a few more. Bad, okay, unfinished and good songs are scattered in my notebooks and I eventually developed a feeling to share them. Sharing my songs with close friends who gave me their feedback is what made me want to share my music with a wider audience.

Listening to the layers within Novacaine, you can really hear the combination of soul and R&B in their finest form, so are there artists within these genres that inspire and influence the music you make?

I listened to artists that I think the majority of the people in my generation were influenced by. They were: Adele, Amy Winehouse, Jessie J and Lady Gaga. I would say from around 5 to 7 years old they were the artists that made up my music experience. So I think in terms of my vocals, some of those artists influenced my soul sound. R&B songs really filled the charts during the 2000s so I’ve definitely been influenced by those sounds too; it seems that they have stuck around despite all the music discovery I have done. From 8 onwards, I started to find my own music / other genres that were not Pop/ R&B. I absolutely LOVE Pop-Punk, Pock, Emo, mostly all of the sub genres that fall under those. That is why ‘Novacaine’ also has varied rock elements to it amongst other stylistic Pop and R&B features. As I did write the song when I was 12, I never really thought of ’Novacaine’s’ musical features (I still struggle to this day to define them). In its simplest form, ‘Novacaine’ is a mixture of everything I’ve ever heard. I guess the song is quite the fusion if you listen closely. 

The words tell the story of a runaway who’s struggling with life on the streets, so are are there any hidden meanings or subliminal messages in your writing or do you construct lyrics that jump out at the listener?

I will never be able to consciously sit down and write a song about a specific topic. Never. To put it simply, the words either come to me or they do not. 99% of my writing is story based so whilst I may not directly relate to it, I have sympathy and I can put the necessary emotional understanding in my songs.

I got a Keyboard in early 2017 and ‘Novacaine’ was the first song that I had written with it. Not too long into my playing about on the keyboard, I came across a chord progression which I liked. Whilst I continuously repeated the progression the line “I’ve been waiting yes, I’ve been waiting // where else can I go?” came into my head. That was it. The song pretty much formed itself and the words just came to me. Might sound cringe I know, but that is really how it was. I got to the last line of the chorus “cause you’re my Novocaine, you ease the pain” and I quickly googled if Novocaine was an actual thing. I cannot tell you where I heard the word from, but 12 year old Lia was pretty glad that it tied in with the line. 

When I write I guess I’m slightly aware of the story I’m crafting while writing. However, after the song is finished I’m able to see it as a whole and see the entire storyline. I think that without someone explaining that ‘Novacaine’ is about a runaway on the streets, they would probably think it is a song about dependency. That it is a song about needing someone to get through the painful aspects of life. So in a way, the true story is the subliminal message. The song is up for interpretation; it is totally okay for people to view it in the dependent love light. ‘Novacaine’ is just a spelling variation of an anaesthetic. While the song does tell the story of a runaway struggling with life on the streets, it also tells the story of a growing addiction. “What if it just gets too much” and “body and soul they can’t compete // cause I know which‘ll suit my needs” are examples of the moral conflict which the runaway faces due to their new found addiction. 

The song is beautifully crafted and your vocals really compliment the instrumentation. Is there are room on the horizon with others and who would be your partnership?

Of course! Collaboration is key in music, you learn so much from other people so yes there is definitely room for it. To be honest there has never been artist who I REALLY look up to. Sure, I have had influences but I have never been a true fan girl. I probably will have loads of dream collaborations but right now, I would really like to collaborate with a rapper called Witt Lowry. He frequently has singers feature on his tracks and I would truly love to be apart of a project of his. He is such a gifted lyricist and his music can convey emotions so well, as his words are so honest. 

I cant wait to hear your next release, but do you think you could get any better as a musician and if so how do you think you could achieve it?

I currently go to a school where I am studying music along with other things. Soon music will become my main subject and I have already gained a huge amount of insight since I joined. I have learnt a lot of skills that even helped me to make this release a reality, so I am looking forward to seeing what other knowledge I can gain. Apart from learning in school, I regularly go over my old songs and see what I can improve and I add chords to the early ones that had none. In a way, it is sort of a motivation to see where I started and comparing it to how my writing is now. I still have many things to learn, but by continuously working on my craft, seeking advice from other musicians and improving on what I have already done, I am sure that I will become a better musician. 

As I said before you are a new artist who has a massive amount of potential but so what at advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Ooo well right now I call my footsteps dents. They will get bigger as I go along on my journey, but I guess I have a few words for someone who wants to start making theirs. Love what you are doing right now, be easy on yourself, strive to always learn more and persevere. If you don not love what you’re doing, then what’s the point ? Be easy on yourself because there will be times where you may not create your best work. There will be times where you may not get the results you wanted. Try not to put yourself down because there will always be a time to try again. Constantly strive to learn more, because by learning (in whatever way you want to) we improve. Learning is the one action that you can do that ensures the next thing you do, will be better than your last. Lastly, persevere because nothing truly worth it never comes easily.

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