London Based Singer-Songwriter Lia Rye Drops New Single ‘Novacaine’

As turn of the year signalled a decade of music, London based singer-songwriter Lia Rye burst onto the scene with her debut single ‘Novacaine’. Recounting the story of a runaway facing the trials of being on the streets, the melodic yet chilling mood to the whole song truly expresses the lyrical narrative of trying to finding a way to manage inner pain.

The most charming part to this song is its sincerity, most significantly the personable element to the lyrics being reimagined into a story that is as endearing as it is relatable. Bordering on pop at times, novacaine definitely falls into the alternative bracket, yet the mellow tone of Rye’s gently course vocals twist into a melody that draws its character from 70’s soul and the rise of R&B. 

Currently studying at The BRIT School in Croydon, Lia is focusing on honing her craft as a creative, as well as developing in a self-management role as an independent artist. If this single is anything to go by, 2020 holds big things for Rye, including a debut live show at 02 Academy Islington; showcasing her enchanting vocals to an audience for the first time and further promoting what is an incredible 

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