Michigan-Based Alt/Indie Group Pretoria Release Their Latest Single ‘Gently’

Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, three piece Pretoria have once again graced our ears with the sound of guitar-driven surf-rock that is as intricate as it is energetic. Off the back of their previous single ‘Cape town’ – hailed by The Alternative Feed as having all the best parts of mid-2000’s alt-rock, their latest offering “Gently” is another slick taste of alternative rock that radiates with a self-assured sense of fun.

Instrumentally, this latest offering combines layers of 60s big-band flair, with a Latin edge, creating something ultimately catchy and uplifting with an obvious fusion of indie influences. Drawing comparisons to Beach Fossils and Wallows, the track arrives with a blooming charm, accompanied by a snapping and cadenced piece of hi-hat work from drummer Ben DeWitt.

The band first formed when guitarist Josh Bilisko and bassist Rob Gullett met in the halls of their local high school, with Bilisko stating ‘Rob and I were in weight training class together and I saw him wearing a Nirvana shirt – so I knew we had similar music interests.” 

This instant connection led to a string of jamming sessions and rehearsals, where the duo quickly built on each other’s creative influences. After adding DeWitt to their ranks, the trio have cemented themselves in Michigans budding music scene and are now looking to take their smooth tones of jazz, garage rock and pop to the world. 

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