EESE Release Brand New Single ‘Odd Repair’

Founded in the German city of Cologne in 2017, EESE have worked tirelessly to combine electronic and analogue tones, creating a unique pop experience. Though they retain a sense of originality there is an underlying experimental feel within the music, an essence which I feel has been lost in mainstream music. Consisting of Luca, Pablo and Max, the trios writing process draws comparisons to Radiohead and Foals; leaning on politically charged lyrics that embody the eclectic. 

The music video visually mirrors the sonics within the track, bordering on the subjective and ambiguous; but still relevant to the message within the words. The vocal processing is enchanting to say the least, set back from the mix but layered with an almost choir like delivery that floats between the spaces. With an extremely emotional and poignant rhetoric, the story follows a couple, two young women, whose relationship is indistinct and is slowly and obviously falling apart; yet this melancholic synopsis carries an aura of hope.

Odd Repair is part of an upcoming release in 2020, and with the trio planning to release a new single in January, these guys are one for your new music radar. 

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