Funeral Lakes Release Their Debut Self Titled Album

Hailing from Canada’s mystically beautiful surroundings, Funeral Lakes hold a story that is true to their sound. Blending melancholic tones with raw emotion, the duo have sought to promote their environmentally charged message in the hope of halting the destruction of our planet. Bordering on folk rock, the music itself is crafted with such delicacy and poise, with the subjective political undertone of the lyrics drawing comparisons to early Radiohead.

Comprised of partners Sam Mishos and Chris Hemer, their debut self titled album is a captivating example of lyrical and melodic harmony, most notably in the second track ‘Kingdom Call’. The combination of jarred, metallic bass with the almost ethereal, chorus-drenched guitars achieves its purpose with brooding confidence; drowning out the generational malaise and sadness that has crept into society.

After becoming disillusioned by the dishonesty and lack of action in the political system, Hemer quit his job as an assistant to local liberal MP Joyce Murray and teamed up with Mishos, a move which they called a natural progression. “At the time I was playing in other groups and Sam was writing some of her own music, but we were pretty frustrated with other people in our lives, and we’ve been partners for four years, so we thought, why not make some music together?”

Though this album could grace any season with relativity, it is in my opinion the perfect escape in these cold winter months, and more significantly as the uncertain environmental future of our planet continues to spiral out of control.

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