Emerald Sunday Release New Album ‘Willow’

Originating as a local cover act built by guitarist Alan Hunter and bassist Scott Crawford in 2008, Emerald Sunday have evolved their sound into a brash and honest taste of alternative rock. The 6 piece from Dundee consisting of primarily of Mike Martin, guitarist Matty Fleming, drummer John Morgans and Andrew Taylor have spent the last few years constructing a cohesive set of songs in the hope of generating a following of loyal fans; performing with established mainstream artists Primal Scream, Big Country, Example and The Jam along the way. 

Off the back of a personal tragedy, the band subsequently played a charity gig in which they were fortuitously introduced to Richard McNamara from Embrace, whop would later go on to produce their latest body of work. Though they started out as a cover band, this album is ironically the furthest thing from imitation, a robust and powerful offering that would grace any stadium stage. The boys resilience is refreshing, and that positivity and tenacity has transferred into each and every track, mixing melodic hooks with foot stomping choruses that have fans singing all the way home. 

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