The Equatorial Group Sound Like A Modern Day Fleetwood Mac

Hailing from the Sussex south coast, The Equatorial Group have been categorised as folk rock, space country and languid Americana among many others. What isn’t to be disputed however is their ability to  create honest and heartfelt music, tinged with countrified elements; proudly displaying their many influences whilst retaining their own unique sound. The stand-out track ‘Lights Out’ from their latest release ‘Apricity’ screams early Fleetwood Mac, a tightly compressed rolling drum beat, layered with hypnotically haunting harmonies; a supple and tender offering. Supporting the likes of The Bluetones, Willy Mason and Joan Shelley, the albums credits are comprised of current band members and several other esteemed session musicians, including the likes of mix engineer Dave Lynch on the Hammond organ. 

I cannot fault the feel of this record, in the past when a band combines so many genres into one melting pot is a sure sign of an identity crisis, yet this record grips you from the outset with it’s confident charm. Every track is mixed in such a way that the frequencies contort round your ears; slowly smothering the drums in a combination of reverb and distortion. 

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