Duccbod Releases New Single ‘Losing Touch Part 2’

The autumn leaves and stiff cold nights have made the warm and vibrant summer months seem like a distant memory. Our musical preference follows our psyche, and tends to turn to music that represents the change into what some call the ‘gloomy’ months; Lincolnshire-based Duccbod’s new release ‘Losing Touch Part 2’ is a perfect example of memories becoming bound to nostalgia, bringing with it a thought provoking and cordial insight into the performers life; expressing the thoughts and emotions that come with relationships. 

Influenced by the likes of The 1975, Lil Peep, Sublime and Post Malone, the artist himself follows in accordance with his music, drawing inspiration and motivation from different values and ideologies, his smooth concoction of soulful, almost sluggish rap mixed with alternative instrumentals creating a recipe for success. The soundscape calmly enhances the lyrics without any need for flash production, the dark almost cryptic arpeggio floating within the spaces, and the simplicity in the drums only serving to add to the tracks bravado and overall purpose.

Next up is a gig at The George Tavern in London on the 23rd November, which I’m told will be followed by more new material; another one to add to your rainy day playlist.


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