Sunflower Thieves Steal The Show In Their Stripped Back Single ‘Heavy Weight’

In a manner that stays true to their craft, Heavy Weight is a delicate and beautifully pronounced latest release from Leeds-based duo Sunflower Thieves. Just like their debut single ‘two halves’ they have once again produced an elegantly haunting piece that breathes with passion and warmth. The song itself is about the hopelessness of feeling suffocated by social anxiety, with the atmospheric soundscape in the chorus highlighting the release and freedom we feel when the pressure subsides. The harmonies remind me of Canadian folk duo Dala twinged with early Staves, gracefully parallel, panned across the whole stereo mix; allowing the vocals to drown your ears in layers of reverb.

Inspired by the likes of First Aid Kit and Phoebe Bridges, the soul and emotion we hear in the music is as authentic as the artists themselves, When Speaking to WhenTheHornBlows about the origin of the track, the girls stated “We both have our own experiences in this subject, and the questions asked in the song are a train of thought. Sometimes, when you are feeling anxious, even the people you know best can feel intimidating and unfamiliar”. The words are as captivating as they are sincere, cast by the opening chorus line of “what would it take to slow it all down?”, a mysterious rhetoric that casts lyrical shadows against the seductively eerie guitars. The song oozes with purity, bringing to life a topic that reflects the darker side to our existence in a way that emits tenderness and altruism throughout.

The duo are heading out on tour in November, playing in Tynemouth, York, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leeds, London and Coventry, and off the back of this release, you’d be mad not to go and see them.

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