Alt-Pop Duo Milli & Bertie Release New Single ‘Lie With Me’

Influenced by the likes of: Crowded House, The Beatles, John Mayer and Hugh Cornwell; Milli & Bertie boast a charmingly unique sound that combines notes of late 80’s rock and contemporary folk, keeping it’s foundations relevant to current popular music. Their first single ‘Lie With Me’ starts with a delicately plucked guitar riff that John Mayer himself would be proud of, leading into a striking blend of harmonies that complement what is an extremely captivating melody throughout.

The pair met back in 2013 whilst studying at a music college in Guildford, and after graduating 2 years later they set their hearts on combing their love for performing with traveling the world; playing shows in Europe, The Côte d’Azur , Bora-Bora, the Middle East, the Caribbean. Upon their return to the UK, the experiences provided by a worldwide tour inspired the duo to carry on writing and recording their own original songs.

This led to their debut single ‘Lie With Me’, which dropped across all major platforms on the 15th August. A poignant and elegantly constructed tale about relationships and the whirlwind of emotions that come with them. The opening line ‘I can’t sleep alone tonight’ personifies the sense of longing from the narrative in the verses, leading into a compelling and dynamic chorus where the harmonies take centre stage. Not only does this song have a clear empathetic charm, but the refined use of instrumentation throughout leaves the lyrics to add a vigorous dose of passion; creating something wholly powerful. A successful launch event in London at the renowned Nambucca followed on from their self-promoted single release, and the duo have hinted at a potential music video for the song and following that a series of singles throughout 2020. After a stint back home in the UK, their dreams of travelling have resurfaced, organising a single-promotion tour of America in January, and with a single of this calibre, I cannot wait for their next instalment.

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