King Hannah’s Latest Single ‘Creme Brûlée’ Is As Smooth As It’s Name

Consisting of a rich creamy base topped with texturally contrasting layers of lightly burnt sugar, the title is as endearing as the song itself. In relation to its origin, lead singer Hannah Merrick proclaims “I’m singing about the pudding”, but that candid response shouldn’t detract from what is a gracefully powerful first release. The vocals sit centerstage, acting as the stiff, caramelised topping, cracking through the mix of concentrated ambient layers creating something wholly warm and inviting. In a way I can see how the moody yet ethereal instrumentation draws comparisons to 60’s alternative rock, in particular an early Jefferson Airplane; however the group still retain a true sense of originality. Hannah’s voice is simply entrancing, mixing against the atmospheric reverb tails provided by guitarist Craig Whittle to create something ultimately hypnotic.

Lead Singer Hannah Merrick

Liverpool-based, their debut single has already gained them a spot on Radio X with the illustrious John Kennedy, winning Amazing Radio’s Audition Show in the process; securing a spot on one of their core playlists. For a first release this is impressive to say the least, and with plans to record their debut EP in October, I can already see King Hannah’s eclectic blend of grunge and americana reaching the furthest corners of the industry; with Creme Brûlée we don’t just get a slice, we get the whole pudding.

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