R&B Meets Electronica in ECKOES Latest Release ‘Without Prejudice’

Though the momentum behind most releases burn out once the dust has settled, London based singer-songwriter ECKOES latest single ‘Without Prejudice’ represents a powerfully harrowing narrative that has grown in stature and relevance. Accompanied by a fierce and throbbing instrumental, the tender vocals evoke a sense of calm, juxtaposed to the beautifully abstruse combination of piano, synth and percussion; drawing comparisons to early Thom Yorke. 

Upon its release it featured on Apple Music’s ‘Best of the Week’ accompanied by a cryptically gloomy music video, which had subsequent promotion from Clash Magazine. From the fragmented and arrangement and splintered instrumentation to it’s five and a half minute length, this track doesn’t conform the mainstream industry rules, underlined by ECKOES belief that ‘art is not born the perfect length, and that’s nothing to be worried about’. Instead it represents an artist at their creative peak, producing music that works contextually and sonically yet it keeps a sense of originality. The artist herself explained that ‘the song represents the sobering realisation of inevitable, imminent loss. Looking at where you’re standing and knowing that it’s impossible to stay here longer‘. She goes on to say that ‘the spaces in the song were left for people to fill in with their own thoughts and stories‘, increasing the personable nature of her character, which only aids in boosting the songs charm.

With praise coming from the likes of BBC 6 Music, Q, Wonderland and Indie Shuffle, among other respected publications, ECKOES stock continues to rise going into 2020. With admirers including Grammy award winning Naughty Boy, her spine-tingling and infectious R&B will continue to electrify audiences, and I for one can’t wait to hear more in the coming months. 

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