Future & Young Thug; Vocal Instruments

18th September 2019

Future and Young Thug… The two Atlanta artists leading the turn up segment of Hip-Hop. Both diving into the depths of their vocals, tuning and adding ad-libs and effects to sonically please the ear. The culture of Atlanta music incorporates hard-hitting drums with bass and snares dubbed over the years as Trap Music; my personal introduction to Future came from The Game’s 2012 release I remember; a bonus track finalising Jesus Piece.. Future helped the track become memorable. Coincidentally Future also dropped his debut album PLUTO the same year.

The introduction to Young Thug came from 2013 with his single Stoner that featured an incredibly catchy chorus, repetitively singing “I’m a stoner, I’m a stoner, I’m a stoner”. The fashion in which these lyrics were vocalised endorsed a feeling of “sauce” and “drip”.

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Future & Young Thug

Both artists optimised their fan base through constant releases of mixtapes; Future’s being Monster (2014), Beast Mode (2015), 56 Nights (2015) and Purple Reign (2016). The standout albums during that time which were the main contributions in helping Future establish himself as a trap legend was DS2 (Dirty Sprite 2 2015) and Evol (2016).

The mixtape trilogy ended on 56 Nights which featured March Madness, the production by Southside of 808 Mafia gave the track and project an essence of futuristic and space trap. The heavy drums fell on melodic samples and backing stanzas.

The story of 56 Nights spam of Future and his DJ; DJ Esco flying out to Dubai to perform and DJ Esco being sentenced to 56 days in jail for possession of 15 grams of marijuana, the story that comes simultaneously with the project creates a great ending to a trilogy of album-like mixtapes.

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Future & DJ Esco

Young Thugs mixtape series that helped capture his essence was the Slime Season trilogy (2015 & 2016) and 1017 Thug trilogy (2013 & 2014) collaboration mixtapes with Gucci Mane. Following these mixtapes, Thug also dropped his album-like mixtapes Barter 6 (2015) and Beautiful Thugger Girls (2017).

Simultaneously to Future, Thug’s mixtape trilogy ended on Slime Season 3. This mixtape help Young Thug establish himself as one of Atlanta’s trap legends featuring the jumpy intro With Them incorporating heavy trap drums over laser like samples. Thug’s slimy melodies acted as another instrument over the song, topping and dripping over the top of the track almost like someone topped off their meal with ketchup. The sauce is sonically approved. The 1017 Thug trilogy being a collaboration with the prophet-like figure Gucci Mane really helped Young Thug’s status as he was being co-signed by Atlanta legends. In which he could gain respect and recognition through his peculiar antics in fashion choices, tweets etc.

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Gucci Mane & Young Thug

Future’s DS2 is a certified double platinum album, also a certified Hip-Hop classic. The album gave the vibe of turning up and vibing’ on drank. Tracks like I serve the bass and Where Ya At featuring Drake help carry the beginning of the project through the vibe, however as it winds down, tracks such as The Percocet & Stripper Joint bring a pimp-ish chilled down vibe to assisting in closing the album.

Young Thug’s Barter 6 spent 3 weeks on the charts, but stayed in our minds a lot longer. Amidst the huge feud between Birdman and Lil Wayne at the time. Young Thug had taken to Birdman’s side amongst the feud and had controversially named his new album Barter 6. At a time where Lil Wayne’s next instalment of his classic series Tha Carter 5 was highly anticipated yet, extremely long awaited; it had seemed like Young Thug had come between a relationship that was much more than label mates but closer to father and son.

However, The Barter 6 didn’t disappoint, Thug looked like Hip-Hop’s new wave and the real deal next to Birdman, Lil Wayne certainly can’t be replaced, but if anyone was right to sit on that throne, it may as well be this Thug guy. But I don’t want to get carried away with artists replacing the next artist and all that wahala, here at InTune we respect what each individual artist has to bring and Young Thug surely brought his own flavour to the scene, the guy sported dresses to hide M16 assault rifles.

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Birdman & Young Thug

It was a long time coming… but finally, we were going to get the 2 Contemporary Trap Kings collaborating on an album. Super Slimey; both Future and Young Thug side by side. After we got a taste of how they fare together on Thug’s Relationships on Beautiful Thugger Girls, we knew the potential was high.

Plus… Future was a veteran in this fields, remember when he made the collaboration album with Drake; What a Time to Be Alive and he got Drake to completely ride on his wave, yeah well it was going to happen again. But this time; two artists who have organically rode the same wave simultaneously.

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Young Thug & Future

Of course, we got what we expected.
Together, tracks like Patek Water (feat. Offset), Mink Flow and Group Home kept the Atlanta sauce potent throughout the project, one that stays true to Trap music, whether it be Hip-Hop or some classic Atlanta R&B vibes in a Trap nature. Individually Future created my personal favourite; 4 da Gang. A song that holds lyrics, vibes, trap, melodies, flows all of it from top to bottom, a classic Future sound that’s certified his spot as a Trap General and a Hip-Hop classic act. On the other hand, Young Thug had sourced the guitar and R&B sounds and melodies to create the beautiful Killed Before undoubtedly an R&B cut with true elements of Atlanta Hip-Hop. This served as a great contrast to Future’s individual cut which sounded more cut-throat, this one certainly felt like it was directed towards the ladies.

Thug appeared on Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD with the crazy Unicorn Purp that restores the feelings established throughout their careers and the is continued through Future’s support on Thug’s So Much Fun on Sup Mate.

These two have established themselves as Hip-Hop legends over the last decade in the scene and their influence is evident within the current climate of the culture we love.

Future & Young Thug; Vocal Instruments.

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Future & Young Thug; Vocal Instruments.

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