Nocturnal Coast Release Debut EP ‘The Waters Edge’

Described by Popped Music as a ‘tight unit that mix Rock and Roll with Scouse humour, Nocturnal Coast continue to traverse the fine line between alternative and indie.

Drawing Comparisons to The Last Shadow Puppets and The Black Keys, their latest offering embodies classic 70’s rock with a modern twist. Citing Arctic Monkey’s during the Humbug days, the opener ‘Strange To Translation‘ dances with a chaotic swagger, almost like an early Biffy Clyro record. Accompanied by a stiff, billowing drum beat, the guitar bounces and grapples with the bass in jovial fashion, allowing room for the vocals to float through the spaces. While the instrumentation remains forthright throughout, the lyrics are as subjective as they are empowering, with the chorus ringing out with ‘different reasons and the same expectations, no one knows that you are strange to translation’.

Unafraid of venturing more towards the realms of indie-rock ‘Our Kisses Seem So Different‘ draws a startling comparison to early Shins, from instrumentation to lyricism it captures a more reflective and personable tone than the previous song, personified by the final two lines ‘no one could see this coming, no one could hear me shouting‘. The final track ‘Amorist’ combines elements heard in the two previous songs, to give it a positively cohesive feel. It starts with an eerily cavernous synth, fading into the mix as the drums rise with the guitar into the first verse, inviting the listener with the opening line ‘let me take you to the places I know‘. The melody has a maturity about it, intricate but without being too ostentatious, allowing the lyrics to invoke the listeners thoughts as the song progresses.

Comprised of Luke Saleh Saunders, James Anthony Morris, Nathan Sanderson, David Garvan and Alex Cain, the band continue to play shows in their home city of Liverpool, most notably an upcoming slot at The Zanzibar Club, following on from performances at E.B.G.B’s and Jimmy’s. My main source of joy from this record is that it still sounds modern and contemporary yet there is a powerful testament to the old school, raw and upfront, rather than hiding behind a screen of fancy engineering and false personas.

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